Suddenlink's basic cable package includes features that are included in premium services by other satellite and cable providers. The company also does not require customers to sign a contract, so they are free to termina... More » Technology Television & Video

A rational number is one that can be represented as a ratio of two integers, that is, by one integer divided by another integer. Zero divided by any non-zero integer is zero. Because zero can be represented as the ratio ... More » Math Numbers

A USDOT number is required if a vehicle is transporting material considered hazardous by the Secretary of Transportation and in a large quantity. Other requirements pertain to gross vehicle weight, interstate commerce an... More » Vehicles DMV & Records
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Universal remote control codes for Sharp Aquos televisions vary by model and remote, and DirecTV, Dish Network, Charter and other cable and satellite providers have remote code lookup tools on their websites. Directions ... More » Technology Television & Video

High definition television broadcasts can be received by an over-the-air, HD-capable antenna and by cable or satellite providers. OTA antenna reception provides the highest quality picture of the three because it uses no... More » Technology Television & Video

Suddenlink offers an array of cable channel packages which vary depending on a customer's location. From the main page of, enter an address in the requested field to see the correct channel packages for th... More » Technology Television & Video

To find the Showtime network on a television, users must consult with their cable or satellite provider's list of networks. For example, on AT&T U-Verse, Showtime is on channel 852 and the HD version is on channel 1852. ... More » Technology Television & Video