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Roundtable definition is - a conference for discussion or deliberation by several participants; also : the participants in such a conference.


Roundtable definition, a number of persons gathered together for conference, discussion of some subject, etc., and often seated at a round table. See more.


Round table is a form of academic discussion. Participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. Each person is given equal right to participate, as illustrated by the idea of a circular layout referred to in the term round table.


11 synonyms of roundtable from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 16 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for roundtable. a meeting featuring a group discussion Synonyms: colloquy, conference, council…


Define roundtable. roundtable synonyms, roundtable pronunciation, roundtable translation, English dictionary definition of roundtable. n. 1. often round table A conference or discussion involving several participants.


---- A round table discussion is an excellent form of small group communication when the group is going to be a long term engagement. Roundtable discussions are extremely useful when it comes to ...


Definition of roundtable: Seating or discussion arrangement in which (usually) all participants are considered peers. Dictionary Term of the Day Articles Subjects


Define round table. round table synonyms, round table pronunciation, round table translation, English dictionary definition of round table. n. 1. often round table A conference or discussion involving several participants. 2. Round Table a. In Arthurian legend, the circular table of King Arthur...


The essential tips for running a successful roundtable meeting. Running roundtable meetings can be tough. To strengthen your strategy, use the following tips on how to run a roundtable meeting: Choose a strong moderator. The success of roundtable discussions is directly dependent on the work of the moderator.


Round-table discussion definition: a discussion held at a meeting of parties or people on equal terms | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. ... The Times Literary Supplement (2018) Her trips were built around round-table discussions or visits to far-off villages to explore how people confronted the challenges of their world ...