Revenge tragedy is a form of tragedy that focuses on the protagonist's plight for revenge, usually for the death of a close relative. Revenge plays were extremely popular during the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras in Engla... More »

The final episode of season three of the TV series "Revenge" is available to download from for $1.99 per episode. also has individual episodes of "Revenge" available. The final episode from sea... More » Art & Literature

The best revenge against a sociopath may be simple avoidance, since by definition and by their nature, a sociopath has no conscience, takes pleasure in manipulating and hurting others and feels no remorse about their act... More »

Common themes in American literature include the great journey, the loss of innocence, the great battle, love and friendship, and revenge. The theme of a book is the underlying meaning within the story. More »

Some common themes consist of love, friendship, greed, war, and revenge. The concept of coming of age, loss of innocence, and battle between good and evil are also very popular themes in stories. More » Art & Literature Literature

The theater of Shakespeare's time was crowded with examples of revenge tragedy. Shakespeare was one of the genre's most prolific playwrights. Four elements common to all of these plays are: murder, a ghostly vision of th... More »

William Shakespeare wrote a total of 38 plays over the course of his lifetime, which can be divided into the genres of tragedy, history and comedy. Nearly half of Shakespeare's plays were unpublished until around 1623, w... More »