Republican virtues are the tenets and ideologies that are informed by the political philosophy called republicanism. This is not to be confused with the political party in the contemporary American political landscape. R... More »

A party in the electorate refers to people who vote for the candidates from one given party. Individuals belonging to a political party are known to be registered as members of the party, work for the party’s candidate a... More »

A majority party is the political group in a legislative body with the most voting members. For example, if 47 of the 100 Senators in the U.S. Senate are Republicans and 53 are Democrats, the Democrats are the majority p... More »

There are many examples of republicanism in current US politics, including separate powers of government and political liberty. Republicanism is an ideology that informs the members of a democratic republic. In this sens... More »

There are several online tests available to help decide whether an individual is a Democrat, a Republican or an independent. Some providers of these tests are, and More » Government & Politics Politics Political Parties

The Northern states supported the Republican Party that was formed in 1854. The party was founded by anti-slavery Whigs who convened in the upper midwestern states on October 20, 1854. More »

Republican motherhood was the idea that a woman's role was to support her husband and guide her children from within the home. As women were seen as being morally superior to men, it was thought that they should promote ... More »