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The buyer's remorse law is a negative emotional feeling that develops when a consumer regrets a purchase decision. This may stem from a feeling of being wronged or ripped off in a sales transaction.


Federal law covers most cases of buyer's remorse in all 50 states, including solicited sales, timeshares and homeowner loans, while some states have laws to protect rueful consumers with certain contracts, such as gym memberships, and can extend the federal cooling-off period, according to the AARP.


In California, buyer's remorse law refers to the statutory rights of consumers to cancel contracts in certain instances, as detailed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs and USLegal.com. The contracts specified under this law may be cancelled without a specific cancellation contract and


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Dealers are not legally required to take back a vehicle if the buyer's reason for the return is simple remorse. However, the buyer may be granted a return if something is mechanically wrong with the vehicle or if the sale involved unfair sales tactics.


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