"CMS" stands for "Content Management System." The term lacks a solid definition and can have various meanings depending on the situation and the individual’s or project's purpose. More »

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The University of Alabama website, OxfordDictionaries.com, EnchantedLearning.com and MyEnglishTeacher.eu are some good resources for examples of prefixes and suffixes. All four websites publish lists of common affixes, a... More »

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To use the IntroMaker for free, go to FreeIntroMaker.com, select a theme, type a title, subtitle and URL, adjust the resolution and other settings, and download the video to your computer. The site doesn't require you to... More »

"CMS" stands for "content management system". These systems manage a web site's content through the combination of a content management application and content delivery application. The CMA portion of a CMS allows users ... More »

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The iDVR-E Series Surveillance DVR Remote Access Client Software and H.264 Standalone DVR CMS Software are good CMS DVR software programs. QSee also provides CMS software for its QSTD, QT and QSDT surveillance systems. More »

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PNG stands for portable network graphics. It is a file format used for graphics or pictures. PNG gives the most image detail of the major graphics formats, but it also results in large file sizes compared to GIF and JPEG... More »

DBMS is short for Database Management System. This refers to a collection of applications that facilitate the extraction, modification and storage of data within a database. More »