Presentation graphics software is a type of software package designed to present graphic information in the form of a slide show. This software also integrates drawings, text, charts, music, animation and sound effects i... More »

To create a PowerPoint presentation, start by opening the program and choosing a document type or theme when prompted. The theme that you choose is a slide design that is used throughout the presentation. More » Technology Software

Creative methods to demonstrate school projects include using slideshow presentation software to illustrate the project's results, video demonstrations of the project, album covers of the project's details, bar graphs or... More »

A slide layout is the arrangement of all the components that make up a slide in a presentation using a program such as PowerPoint. The slide layout contains information such as text boxes, title or graphics. More »

Presentation software is a type of computer application that allows the user to present information using text, images, audio and video content. The information is arranged in a slide show, which can be set to advance fr... More »

Click the Music button in iPhoto to browse for music and add it to your slide show. If the music is too short, set iTunes to repeat the song in the Settings menu. You only need iPhoto installed, a sound clip and a few im... More » Technology Software

People can find samples of great PowerPoint presentations on SlideShare, a website for displaying presentations made in PowerPoint, Keynote and other presentation software. SlideShare features presentations about a large... More » Technology Software