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Continuing for ever in future time; destined to continue or be continued through the ages; everlasting: as, a perpetual covenant; a perpetual statute.


perpetual · ​[usually before noun] continuing for a long period of time without stopping or being interrupted synonym continuous · ​[usually before noun] ...


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lasting or meant to last for a very long time. The money his father left gives him a perpetual income. synonyms: · lasting · antonyms: · temporary · sim...


The first definition of perpetual in the dictionary is eternal; permanent. Other definition of perpetual is seemingly ceaseless because often repeated.


perpetualper‧pet‧u‧al /pəˈpetʃuəl $ pər-/ ○○○ adjective [usually before noun] · 1 CONTINUOUScontinuing all the time without changing or stopping SYN ...


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Perpetual is a very cute girl, loves herself, can be the best lover, she tries not to care about what people think of her and always wants to be happy.


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Perpetual definition is - continuing forever : everlasting. How to use perpetual in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of perpetual.