According to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), a parabolic curve, or "parabola," is the graphical representation of a quadratic equation. To draw one, the points of a function are plotted on an x-y coordina... More » Math Geometry Trigonometry

The phase shift formula for a trigonometric function, such as y = Asin(Bx - C) + D or y = Acos(Bx - C) + D, is represented as C / B. If C / B is positive, the curve moves right, and if it is negative, the curve moves lef... More »

The cosine curve is an up-down curve which starts at one and heads down until ? radians (180 degrees) and then heads up again. Plotting of the cosine of an angle against that angle measure results in a classic shape simi... More » Math Geometry Trigonometry

The apex of a curve is its highest point. Geometric use of the term "apex" generally refers to solids or to shapes with corners such as triangles. In autoracing and other motor sports, the apex is the point on the track ... More »

To find the equation of a line that is tangent to a curve, you must find a line with the same slope as that point of the curve. This can be done with a graphing calculator that can give the slope at a particular point or... More »

Natural log equations are solved by simplifying and rewriting the equation until the variable has been isolated on one side of the equation. At that point, a numerical value for the variable can be found and the equation... More » Math Geometry Trigonometry

The natural logarithm of e is equal to 1. Using mathematical notation, the equation is written as ln(e) = 1, where e is a mathematical constant known as Euler's number and is equal to about 2.72. More » Math Geometry Trigonometry