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A measurement is a quantification of a dimension, such as length or weight, usually represented as a number of standardized units. The type of measurement used depends on the properties being examined.


A measure in music is the space between two vertical bar lines on a staff. A measure of music is comprised of beats and rhythms according to the time signature at the beginning of the staff.


The two major systems of measurement in use in the world are the U.S. Customary System of measurement and the International System of Units, commonly known as the metric system. The majority of the world uses the metric measuring system.


A measuring cup is a graduated container used primarily for cooking and other household tasks. Measuring cups come in a variety of sizes, and many have the capability of measuring different amounts of either liquid or dry ingredients.


A balance is used to measure mass. By multiplying mass by the acceleration due to gravity, the resulting product is the weight of an object at a specific position.


The amount of calories within a food is determined by burning the food inside a device called a bomb calorimeter and measuring the heat produced by the food. An alternate method is to use the Atwater system to determine caloric amounts based on the average calories per ...


Doctors order a blood volume test to determine the amount of blood in the body, states Cleveland Clinic. This procedure also measures the blood's amount of plasma and red cells. A blood volume test helps doctors diagnose conditions such as low or high blood volume, low ...