According to QFinance, an e market is an electronic marketplace where business to business buyers and sellers can trade efficiently. Electronic markets are more flexible, convenient and generally less costly than physica... More »

"Market aggregation" is defined as the marketing of standardized goods and services to a large population of people that have similar needs, according to Inc. Another name for market aggregation is "mass marketing," a st... More »

Markets exist due to supply, demand, quantity and price, according to the Library of Economics and Liberty. The relationship between these variables creates a market for any given good or service. More »

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Prices are determined in a free market economy through the interactions of supply and demand in the marketplace, where demand is the quantity of a product that buyers are willing to purchase according to a given price an... More »

Etsy is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of vintage or hand-crafted goods. Most products sold on Etsy are categorized into arts, crafts, household goods, paper goods or jewelry. The company was founded in 200... More »

StubHub is a reliable online marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together so that event tickets may be bought or sold. StubHub does not sell the tickets itself. It provides a medium where sellers can find buyers w... More »

Poshmark is a popular application for selling clothes, and it has more than 800,000 sellers and 1 million buyers. The application looks and feels like Instagram and has a buying and selling system similar to eBay. Mid-ra... More »