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Definition of lose transitive verb 1 a : to bring to destruction — used chiefly in passive construction the ship was lost on the reef


British Dictionary definitions for lose. lose. verb loses, losing or lost (mainly tr) to part with or come to be without, as through theft, accident, negligence, etc. to fail to keep or maintain to lose one's balance. to suffer the loss or deprivation of to lose a parent. to cease to have or possess.


Define lose. lose synonyms, lose pronunciation, lose translation, English dictionary definition of lose. v. lost , los·ing , los·es v. tr. 1. To be unsuccessful in retaining possession of; mislay: He's always losing his car keys.


Lose vs. Loose "Loose" and "lose" are often confused. Keep reading to find the definitions of the two similar-looking words "lose" and "loose." The article also compares when to use "lose" and when to use "loose." You shoelace is loose. If you don’t stop and tie it, you may lose your shoe! This pair is an example of two words that look ...


Definition of lose from the Collins English Dictionary. The slash ( / ) The slash separates letters, words or numbers. It is used to indicate alternatives, ratios and ranges, and in website addresses. he / she / it 200 km / hr the 2001 / 02 accounting year http: // w...


lose sth to sb The business began to lose clients to the new supermarket. The organization has lost the finest director it has ever had. Homeowners technically could still lose their homes over unpaid rent .


lose Definitions. lose rate (Verb) To no longer have. To come out of possession of. lose rate (Verb) to not win lose rate (Verb) to no longer have; to misplace ... All definitions are approved by humans before publishing. Any promotional content will be deleted. HTML tags are not allowed and will be encoded.


English Language Learners Definition of loss: failure to keep or to continue to have something: the experience of having something taken from you or destroyed: money that is spent and that is more than the amount earned or received. See the full definition for loss in the English Language Learners Dictionary. loss.


British Dictionary definitions for loss. loss. noun. the act or an instance of losing. the disadvantage or deprivation resulting from losing a loss of reputation. the person, thing, or amount lost a large loss (plural) military personnel lost by death or capture


And when his other lusts, amid clouds of incense and perfumes and garlands and wines, and all the pleasures of a dissolute life, now let loose, come buzzing around him, nourishing to the utmost the sting of desire which they implant in his drone-like nature, then at last this lord of the soul, having Madness for the captain of his guard, breaks out into a frenzy: and if he finds in himself any ...