An irregular solid is defined as a three-dimensional solid object that does not have an normal shape, such as a sphere, cube or pyramid. Irregular solids have many sides of differing lengths. More »

Astigmatism is a visual disorder that causes blurred vision due to the irregular shape of the cornea or uneven curvature of the lens inside the eye. The cornea and the lens are responsible for focusing light entering the... More » Education

A solid is scientifically defined as having structural rigidity and particles arranged with a relatively stable shape and a relatively stable volume. Unlike other states of matter, solids do not expand to take on the sha... More » Education

Solids are defined as substances that retain their shape, even when they are not confined. Substances usually assume the solid state of being at lower temperatures than they do when they are liquids, gases or plasmas. More »

Purdue University's Department of Chemistry defines "liquid" as a state of matter that flows, can change its shape, is not easily compressible and maintains a relatively fixed volume. Liquid is one of the four primary st... More »

Ice cubes melt the fastest when they have the most possible surface area relative to their volume. In general, rounder shapes melt more slowly than flatter shapes do. Conversely, ice cubes with very low amounts of surfac... More »

An ice cube melts faster in water than it does in air, given equal circumstances. Heat-energy is needed in order for an ice cube to melt. Heat-energy travels faster through water than it does through air. More »