Universal adult franchise means all adults have the right to vote besides those who are disqualified because of the laws of their country. This is a legal right guaranteed to everyone by the 15th Amendment in the United ... More » Government & Politics US Government The Constitution

A business opportunity is a set of tools and information people buy to start a business. Franchises are forms of business opportunities that typically offer extra support. Different states regulate businesses opportuniti... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

As of Oct. 19, 2015, "22 Jump Street" is available for streaming via Amazon Video in standard definition and high-definition versions. The movie is also available in SD through Google Play and both SD and HD on YouTube. More » Art & Literature
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The Elastic Clause gives the United States Congress the power to create any laws it deems are necessary for the country. The clause is also known as the Necessary and Proper Clause. It is located in Article I, Section 8 ... More » Government & Politics US Government The Constitution

Constitutional supremacy means that no laws or actions can violate a nation's constitution. It can exist in countries with a broad range of governments. However, constitutional supremacy only applies if the government an... More » Government & Politics US Government The Constitution

Universal themes in literature are common ideas that appear in plays, poems and stories – even though they were written decades or even centuries apart. Plays written thousands of years ago by the Greek playwrights Aesch... More » World View Philosophy

There is a mixed reaction to public prayer thatvaries as much as religious beliefs; the question has been explored and documented fromonline experimental videos to state laws such as the 2014 Utah Supreme Courts decision... More » World View Religion