Food safety guidelines are rules and safety standards concerning the handling, storage, and cooking of food, according to AskKaren, a food safety column sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These guidelines a... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Food safety is essential in protecting individuals from bacteria and parasites that can be passed through food consumption. By practicing safe food handling, illnesses and fatalities can be prevented. More »

To test and train for food safety, check your local health department for any specific requirements or recommendations. Many jurisdictions throughout the United States recognize the ServSafe certification. You can purcha... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Managing a Business
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Possible safety meeting topics include common sense safety, cold storage safety, cross contamination, food handling and office safety, according to State Fund. Specific safety meeting topics depend on the industry. More » Business & Finance Business Resources

An office safety checklist should include categories for general workplace conditions, electrical systems and material storage, as a checklist derived from Part 1910 of the OSHA standards demonstrates. Questions on a sam... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Food safety temperatures may refer to the minimum required temperatures for cooking, storing and reheating various types of food, in order to avoid the growth of illness-causing bacteria. The temperature at which these b... More » Food Food Storage Food Spoilage

A material safety data sheet describes specific hazards for a hazardous chemical to ensure proper handling in the workplace. The manufacturer, distributor or importer of the chemical provides the sheet to users per the H... More » Business & Finance Business Resources