Emotional abuse is the use of non-physical means to humiliate, coerce and manipulate another human being such that the person being targeted is subjugated by their abuser and left feeling inferior. Emotional abuse is oft... More » World View Social Sciences

Verbal abuse is a nonphysical form of abuse that may involve insulting, criticizing and attempting to shame the victim, explains Day One. Verbal abuse often overlaps with emotional abuse, states Manipu... More » Health

Mental abuse, otherwise known as psychological abuse, occurs when a person subjects or exposes another person to psychologically harmful behavior, according to USLegal. This type of abuse aims to control another person t... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Mental Health
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Ethnicity is a way of categorizing a person by means of a shared or presumed ancestry. Unlike race, which is defined according to biological traits, ethnicity is defined according to common origin and other variable char... More » World View Social Sciences

In sociology, a stigma is something that prevents a person from being accepted into normal society. According to Irving Goffman, there are three types of stigma: character, physical and group association. More » World View Social Sciences

PFA in legal orders stands for "protection from abuse" and requires an abuser to stay away from a victim of domestic violence, according to Laurel Legal Services in Pennsylvania. A PFA order is a civil document mandated ... More » Government & Politics Law

An emotional abuse checklist includes questions that try to show whether an abuser isolates his partner, monopolizes her attention, and humiliates or degrades her, notes Questions such as “Is your partner ... More » Health