A caliph is a chief civil and religious ruler in the Muslim community believed to be the successor of the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims or their representatives elect a caliph. Ottoman sultans claimed and held the caliph tit... More »

A Muslim ruler goes by many names such as emir, khalifah, hakim or khalif. No matter what he is called, a Muslim leader is always a representative of Allah on Earth in the eyes of the Islam religion. More »

Some unique Muslim boys' names are Ahmad, meaning highly praised; Mohammed, originating from the founder of Islam and Naufal and Majid, meaning glorious in Arabic. Unique Muslim girls' names include Khadijah, a variant o... More »

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Some unique names for a Muslim girl include Ameera, meaning leader or princess; Hayaam, meaning deliriously in love; Nabeeha, meaning intelligent; Rasha, meaning young gazelle; and Zaafira, meaning victorious or successf... More »

Some popular Muslim male names are Muhammad, Rayan and Danish. Muhammad is the name of Islam's revered prophet, Rayan means "gates of heaven" and Danish means "clever, merciful and foreseeing." More »

There are many common Muslim names for boys, including Aaban, Aahil, Farhan, Rayyan and Rehan. Additional Muslim boy names include Ahmed, Ali, Haris, Mohid and Waqas. More »

Some of the most popular Muslim names for girls in the Arab world are Leila, Fatima, Sara, Noor and Aisha. When choosing the baby's name, Arabs prefer either names that have a meaning and give a hint about the child's pe... More »