When investors buy on margin, it means they're borrowing from their broker to partly finance the stock purchase. It's a risky proposition because their investment is used as collateral, but there's a potential for higher... More » Business & Finance Investing

Contribution margin is the per-unit profit of a product. It is calculated by subtracting all variable costs to sell a good from its sale price. For example, if a product sells for $20 and its variable costs total $12, it... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Accounting

To purchase one share of a stock, open a broker account, sign an agreement, choose the stock of your preference, fund the purchase, and pay the transaction fee, according to NBC News. The exact method for making a stock ... More » Business & Finance Investing
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As of 2015, some ways to purchase stock without a broker include taking in part of a company's direct stock purchase plan or using the company's dividend reinvesting plan, according to Forbes. These plans allow you to sa... More » Business & Finance Investing

Doubling your investment is possible in ways that range from taking advantage to employer match contributions into a retirement fund to using stock options and margin transactions to grow your account rapidly, notes Inve... More » Business & Finance Investing

Berkshire Hathaway, the publicly traded conglomerate holding company presided over by famed investor Warren Buffet, is the most expensive stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange by a wide margin. As of October 2015, ... More » Business & Finance Investing

Buy stocks without a broker by going directly to the company from which you want to buy stock, says For Dummies. Many major companies provide this service to interested investors, and they offer programs such as dividend... More » Business & Finance Investing