According to, a brand name is a word or words that identify not only a product, but also its manufacturer or producer. Examples of brand names include Coca-Cola, Apple, Mercedes and Sony. More » Education

Brand marketing is the process that companies use to keep the public aware of their brands and features through marketing, so that consumers will continue to buy their products. Brand marketing includes any logo, symbol ... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Advertising

The top five most recognized brand names are Apple, Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola and IBM, as of 2015. This has changed since a 2007 survey, which found that the most recognizable brands were Coca-Cola, Sony, Toyota, Dell... More » Business & Finance Corporations
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Warnock Hersey is not the brand name of a wood stove manufacturer, but rather a product safety and performance verification mark which appears on nearly 80% of all wood stove doors in North America. The WH Mark is issued... More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges

A Dolch word list is a list of sight words, words that are not spelled phonetically or are essential to recognize on sight. The list consists of the most basic and frequently used words in the English language. Learning ... More » Education

Phonetic transcriptions serve the purpose of indicating the pronunciation, or phonology, of a word, as well indicating which syllable to stress in multisyllable words. Widely spoken languages, such as English and French,... More » Education

To understand syllables, a person can say words aloud while clapping to each syllable, write words down and cut the word into segments at each syllable, and say words aloud while watching his mouth move in the mirror. To... More » Education