An article in the Houston Chronicle states that incremental profits are an indication of a company's growth rate due to how it chooses to spend its capital and are best defined as the amount of increase in a firm's earni... More »

"Fiduciary" is used to describe a person or institution (such as a bank or financial manager) trusted by an investor to handle financial decisions such as investment and brokerage. It is also used as an adjective to desc... More » Education

In accounting terms, costing refers to a system of calculating the amount of money it takes to produce goods or operate a business. Generally, costs include variables like cost of labor, cost of materials, cost of distri... More »

The internal growth rate of a firm is calculated by subtracting its rate of earnings retention from its return on assets, according to Boundless. A company's return on assets is derived from dividing its net income by it... More »

Capital gains are the profits an investor makes on certain types of investments. Real estate, precious metals, collectibles, bonds, mutual funds, stocks and options are investments for which a person can earn capital gai... More »

Each state determines its own workers' compensation rate schedule, and most states calculate the rate to equal two-thirds of the employee's weekly wage up to the minimum amount set by law, says the Houston Chronicle. Wor... More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations

To calculate earnings per share, evaluate the total income generated by the company and the number of shares issued. Subtract dividend paid from net income, and divide by the average number of outstanding shares. More »