A parallel circuit is an electrical circuit where the current branches out and flows into more than one electrical device and then flows back together again to complete the circuit. The current will still flow through th... More » Science Physics Electricity

There are four variations of quadrilaterals that have two pairs of parallel sides: rhombuses, parallelograms, squares and rectangles. They are each differentiated by their relative side lengths and angles. More » Math Geometry Shapes

A quad core processor is a computer chip that has four cores inside of it. These cores perform tasks, such as moving, adding and branching various forms of data and information that go through electronic devices, such as... More » Technology Computers & Hardware
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A simple fan circuit diagram is a graphical representation of the components and wiring that composes the circuit of a fan using standardized symbols. The basic components of a simple circuit diagram include a rotor, wir... More » Science Physics Electricity

A Direct Current to Alternating Current inverter circuit generates a sinusoidal flow of charged electronics at a designated frequency to power electronics. This type of circuit is often use to convert power transmission ... More » Science Physics Electricity

According to the MIT School of Engineering, a battery provides an electrical charge due to the chemical reactions that take place inside it once it is connected into an electrical circuit. When a circuit connects the pos... More » Science Physics Electricity

The basic steps in wiring a double pole circuit breaker include turning off the electricity, stripping the wires and installing the double pole circuit breaker in the breaker panel. The tools needed for the task include ... More » Science Physics Electricity