A sales invoice is a bill that lists the details of a purchase of goods or services. This commercial document is issued by a seller to a buyer, and it usually details the payment terms of the transaction. More »

The term "sales promotion" refers to a type of marketing that is either targeted toward the distribution channel (by providing incentives for sales) or directly at the consumer. It is a tactic for introducing new items, ... More »

Sales management refers to the efforts of a business to maximize the benefits a company and its customers receive from its sales force. A sales manager establishes goals, meets quotas and hires a staff of the best sales ... More »

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A consignment agreement typically includes details such as the commission rate, deadline for sale, rent and administration fees, the parties' rights in the event the goods do not sell, and responsibility for stolen or da... More »

The concept of marketing is for a company to find a way to present the goods or services it needs to sell to a targeted audience for whom those goods or services meet a crucial need. Successful marketing is both relevant... More » allows businesses to export goods and services to the U.K. The United States Postal Service and various express carriers allow you to export personal items from the U.S. to the U.K. UPS is an express carrier c... More »

The product market refers to a practice of services and goods being sold to businesses or individual consumers by a business. The funds that the business receives from the purchases are then considered revenue. More »