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Definition of diameter 1 mathematics : a chord (see chord entry 3 sense 2 ) passing through the center of a figure or body 2 mathematics : the length of a straight line through the center of an object or space the diameter of a circle dug a hole nearly four feet in diameter


Define diameter. diameter synonyms, diameter pronunciation, diameter translation, English dictionary definition of diameter. diameter n. 1. Abbr. d or diam. Mathematics a. A straight line segment passing through the center of a figure, especially of a circle or sphere, and...


Diameter definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! Dictionary.com ... The doctors discovered the entry wound into the frontal lobe with a diameter about equal to that of a cigarette. The Little Syrian Girl With a Bullet in Her Head. Gregory Beals.


Illustrated definition of Diameter: The distance from one point on a circle through the center to another point on the circle. It is also...


The diameter of a subset of a metric space is the least upper bound of the set of all distances between pairs of points in the subset. So, if A is the subset, the diameter is sup { d(x, y) | x, y ∈ A} .


anteroposterior diameter the distance between two points located on the anterior and posterior aspects, respectively, of the structure being measured, such as the true conjugate diameter of the pelvis or occipitofrontal diameter of the skull.


diameter definition: Diameter is defined as the length of a straight line through the center of a circle. (noun) An example of a diameter is the length of a line sliced down the center of a pie.... Definitions. diameter di·am·e·ter. Use diameter in a sentence.


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Nominal Diameter (DN), in the context of trenchless technology, refers to the internal diameter of a pipe that has to be laid in a horizontally drilled bore hole.


diameter definition: 1. (the length of) a straight line that reaches from one point on the edge of a round shape or object, through its centre, to a point on the opposite edge: 2. the distance from one side to the opposite side of a circle, measured by a line passing through the center of the…. Learn more.