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A three-way handshake is a method used in a TCP/IP network to create a connection between a local host/client and server. It is a three-step method that requires both the client and server to exchange SYN and ACK (acknowledgment) packets before actual data communication begins.


Handshaking is a technique of communication between two entities. However, within TCP/IP RFCs, the term "handshake" is most commonly used to reference the TCP three-way handshake. For example, the term "handshake" is not present in RFCs covering FTP or SMTP. One exception is Transport Layer Security, TLS, setup, FTP RFC 4217.


Three-Way Handshake - Computer Definition Technically known as the SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK sequence, the three-way handshake is the process in which two communication partners synchronize during the establishment of a connection.


This article is intended for audiences who are familiar with Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and discusses the process of the TCP three-way handshake that occurs between a client and server when initiating or terminating a TCP connection.


A four-way handshake is a type of network authentication protocol established by IEEE-802.11i that involves standards set up for the construction and use of wireless local area networks (WLANs).

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What is a three-way handshake in TCP? What is flow control? What is a syn and an ack as part of the three-way handshake? This fundamental networking concept as part of the TCP protocol is ...


The TCP three-way handshake in Transmission Control Protocol (also called the TCP-handshake; three message handshake and/or SYN-SYN-ACK) is the method used by TCP set up a TCP/IP connection over an Internet Protocol based network.


TCP protocol operations may be divided into three phases. Connections must be properly established in a multi-step handshake process ... It works by skipping the three-way handshake using a cryptographic "cookie". It is similar to an earlier proposal called T/TCP, which was not widely adopted due to security issues.