The website Chron has an article in their Small Business section written by Rose Johnson that defines and explains five different leadership styles entitled, "5 Different Leadership Styles." The five types of leadership ... More » Education

In business, leadership is the ability of the organization's manager to make good decisions and encourage other organizational members to perform their duties properly. The characteristics of a good leader include self-c... More »

An autocratic leadership, also referred to as an authoritarian leadership, is one in which an individual has control over all decisions with little input from the rest of the group's members. One of the characteristics o... More » Government & Politics Types of Government
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The American Heritage Dictionary defines "parliament" as "a representative body having supreme legislative powers within a state or multinational organization." "Parliament" - with the first letter capitalized - is the h... More » Education

Operating budgets pay for day-to-day expenses, while capital budgets pay for major capital, or investment, spending, writes Kevin Johnston in an article in the Houston Chronicle's Small Business section. Understanding th... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Accounting

URL is the acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, and it is the Internet address for a website or a file. A URL includes a prefix, a server name or IP address of the server and sometimes the path to a specific directory o... More » Education

The "Thoughts of the Day" section of the Motivate Us website is a popular resource of daily inspirational thoughts. Great Day is another website that features daily updates on motivational and inspiring quotes and though... More » Education