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Some examples of expressed powers of Congress include the ability to declare war, the authority to collect taxes, initiate and approve legislation and establish federal courts. Some examples of the express powers of the president include the ability to act as Commander in Chief of United States mili


"Expressed powers," are powers granted to the government mostly found in Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution within 18 clauses. Expressed powers, also known as the "enumerated powers," include the power to coin money, regulate foreign and interstate commerce, declare war, grant patents and c


Numerical expression is a mathematical equation that contains only numbers and operation symbols. It contains no variables, which are unknown numbers that are often expressed as letters, such as x or y.


Personality is best defined as an individual's typical patterns of behavior when confronted with certain situations. Personality is definable according to personality traits, characteristics that remain relatively stable over time. When studying personality, psychologists analyze the individual's op


The expressed powers of the president are those powers specifically granted to him by the United States Constitution. The expressed powers of the president are detailed in Article 2 of the United States Constitution.


American Express cards are credit, charge or prepaid cards supported by the American Express Company. The company has cards for individuals, small businesses and corporate businesses, according to American Express.


In physics, mass is defined as a quantity without dimensions that represents the amount of matter in an object or particle. It can also be defined as a property of a physical body which determines the strength of its mutual gravitational attraction to other bodies.


Auto Express is a motoring magazine and website based in Britain. It is one of the brands under Dennis Companies and Divisions, a publishing chain of businesses. Auto Express delivers motoring news, stories and pictures, and road-tests new cars for reviews.


A rational expression in mathematics is an expression that is the ratio of two polynomials. Most often, it is expressed as a fraction, such as (x^2 + 5)/(x - 2).


A state is characterized by recognized boundaries, a permanent population, centralized institutions, an organized economy and a government. A state can be an independent country or a member of a federation. A state has external recognition and can negotiate with other states.