Stay focused, look ahead and around, have an emergency plan, and maintain a safe speed and proper following distance. Defensive drivers also prepare their vehicles before driving by adjusting seats, mirrors, and climate ... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

Some basic driving safety tips include wearing a seat belt, using the correct restraints and seats for children, staying alert and watching for debris on the road, avoiding times of high traffic and obeying posted speed ... More » Geography

Perhaps the single most important driving safety tip is to not drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Other tips include driving free from distraction, getting enough sleep before driving, and making proper prep... More » Geography

Defensive driving classes are mandatory in some cases, such as when the driver has had a traffic offense. Some county courts require these driving classes if someone has too many points on his driving record or gets a co... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

No states require drivers to take defensive driving courses to receive their licenses, although tests might include components taught in these courses, as of 2015. A driver who commits certain traffic violations, however... More » Vehicles DMV & Records's online driving training covers topics found on most states' written tests, including laws of the road and how to react in an emergency.'s course includes safe driving and basic ca... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

To determine the driving time and distance between two cities easily, utilize a GPS device or a website such as Google Maps. Simply enter the starting location and the destination, and the service displays suggested rout... More »