When in need of a defense mechanism, gorillas generally rely on their powerful arms, which are fully developed with strong muscles. Gorillas have strong and muscular arms, which allow them to fight off predators, grasp a... More »

Skunks defend themselves with a horrible-smelling spray that is strong enough to ward off badgers, foxes, wolves and bears. According to National Geographic, the oily liquid is produced from anal scent glands under the s... More »

Monkeys defend themselves in a variety of ways that vary from one species to the next. Most rely on a combination of living in social groups, fleeing threats by climbing in the trees and emitting vocalizations that warn ... More »

A gorilla's upper body is six times stronger than a human's, and the muscles in a gorilla's arms are larger than those in its legs. They use their arms to move foliage, gather food and defend themselves. Gorillas also ne... More »

All species of gorillas are becoming endangered and potentially extinct due to habitat loss, disease and poaching. A gorilla's only natural predator in the wild is the leopard. More »

Gorillas attack by first putting on a display of strength that includes standing upright, roaring, beating their chests with cupped hands, baring teeth, throwing objects, such as branches, and making mock aggressive char... More »

Gorillas are a large species of primate that live in a few small portions of Africa. There are four different subspecies, and all are considered endangered. The western lowland gorilla has the largest population at up to... More »

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