To take photographs of deer, get a good digital camera, and go to an area with plenty of deer activity. Move slowly and quietly to find deer. For a quality photograph, make sure at least one of the deer's eyes is in focu... More » Hobbies & Games Photography

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Ways to view old negatives include the use of a scanner to turn them into digital files and taking backlit photographs of them with a digital camera, which also turns them into digital files. A user gets better results w... More »

To resize old photographs, you can either photograph them with a good digital camera or scan them. If you’re resizing digital photos, use photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint or Gimp. More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Find photographs of eyes on stock image websites such as, and Conduct an eye image search on Search.CreativeCommons.Org for more free images. More » Hobbies & Games Photography

Most social networking websites allow you to upload albums of photographs but some websites specialize exclusively in photography. One such photography website featuring attractive presentation and simple navigation is F... More » Hobbies & Games Photography