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The deep inguinal ring (internal or deep abdominal ring, abdominal inguinal ring, internal inguinal ring) is the entrance to the inguinal canal. Location. The surface marking of the deep inguinal ring is classically described as half an inch above the midpoint of the inguinal ligament . ...


deep in·gui·nal ring [TA] the opening in the transversalis fascia through which the ductus deferens and gonadal vessels (or round ligament in the female) enter the inguinal canal. Located midway between anterior superior iliac spine and pubic tubercle, it is bounded medially by the lateral umbilical fold (inferior epigastric vessels) and inferiorly by ...


The superficial inguinal ring (subcutaneous inguinal ring or external inguinal ring) is an anatomical structure in the anterior wall of the mammalian abdomen.It is a triangular opening that forms the exit of the inguinal canal, which houses the ilioinguinal nerve, the genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve, and the spermatic cord (in men) or the round ligament (in women).


Deep inguinal ring is an oval opening in the transversalis fascia (fascia lining the transversus abdominis muscle). It is the entrance to the inguinal canal and lies about half inch above the inguinal ligament near its midpoint.


The inguinal canal is an oblique passage through the abdominal wall through which all testicular structures pass. The superficial opening of the inguinal canal is a slit in the aponeurosis of the external abdominal oblique muscle termed the superficial inguinal ring. The deep inguinal ring is formed by the internal abdominal oblique muscle, the rectus abdominis muscle, and the inguinal ligament.


The deep (internal) ring is found above the midpoint of the inguinal ligament. which is lateral to the epigastric vessels. The ring is created by the transversalis fascia, which invaginates to form a covering of the contents of the inguinal canal.

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Indirect inguinal hernias exit the abdominal cavity through the deep inguinal ring Synonym(s): anulus inguinalis profundus [TA], abdominal ring , internal inguinal ring deep in·gui·nal ring


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The inguinal canal is a passage in the anterior abdominal wall that transmits structures from the pelvis to the perineum formed by the fetal migration of the gonad from the abdomen into the labioscrotal folds.. Gross anatomy. The inguinal canal has an oblique course, is 4 cm in length and has two openings: deep inguinal ring: a round opening in the transversalis fascia found 1 cm superior to ...