There are 26 red cards in the standard 52 card deck. The red cards are the diamond and heart suits, and the black cards are the club and spade suits. More »

There are four kings in a standard deck of playing cards. One king belongs to each of the four suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. More »

There are 13 clubs in a standard 52-card deck of playing cards. There are also 13 diamonds, 13 hearts and 13 spades. More »

Each player's card deck for Magic: The Gathering must contain a minimum of 60 cards. However, in limited tournaments, the minimum deck size is 40 cards. The deck size has no maximum, but the player must be able to shuffl... More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

Euchre is played with two to seven players and is a trick-taking game played with a nonstandard deck of 24 to 32 high and suit cards. There's a trump suit played every game, and the highest trump in the suit is the Jack ... More » Hobbies & Games Card Games

May-I? is a variation on contract rummy that is played with one deck of cards for each pair of people who are playing. According to, the game differs from rummy in that players are permitted to lay down all of ... More »

Uno is a game for two to 10 players and requires a specialized deck of cards. The dealer deals seven cards to each player, face down, and places the leftover cards face down on the play surface. To initiate play, one pla... More »