When writing a financial hardship letter to creditors, the individual should explain why he is unable to pay his debt, explain his plan of action for taking care of the debt and express his desire for a mutually benefici... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

A sample of a letter of hardship is a signed, written memo or letter to a financial lender explaining that the sender is in need of a payment deferment, a modification of the loan stipulations or a reduced payment amount... More » Education Writing

People asking for loan modifications should write mortgage hardship letters that include explanations of their financial hardships, potential solutions and steps already taken to address the hardships, advises Bankrate. ... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending
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An individual agrees to a debt management plan when seeking systematized strategy and course of action to pay off all of his debt, according to Clearpoint. Not all consumers with substantial debt are served by the benefi... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

Some tips for resolving debt problems include making a budget, seeking help from debt relief services, contacting creditors to work out a modified payment plan and utilizing a debt consolidation program, the Federal Trad... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

When providing financial counseling, a credit counselor goes over the client's finances and develops a realistic plan to cover all expenses and pay off debt, according to Business Insider. Qualifying clients may be offer... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

To collect money from someone who owes you a debt, follow a few forceful steps that include offering a payment plan, reminding the person of the debt in person, sending them a letter, having a lawyer write them a letter ... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending