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To search for people by name, use the search tools provided on phone directory websites like 411, or on people finder websites like Spokeo. Enter the name of the person and the city and state of the last known location to generate a list of possible matches.


Vital records are an excellent way to search for first names. Birth certificates, death certificates, naturalization documentation and marriage licences are usually accessible online or, in some cases, websites provide ways to gather the information.


Finding someone based on just a common first name alone is virtually impossible. However, your odds increase if you have some other information about the person, especially if she has an uncommon name.


There is no definitive way to know if your name has been searched on Google or another search engine. However, there are several methods that can give you some indication as to whether or not someone has been trying to get information on you. SEO websites and embeddable hit counters use publicly ava


Compared to birth and marriage records, death records are the least privacy sensitive and are accessible through various genealogy websites. FamilySearch is one of the largest genealogy organizations in the United States. It provides access to birth, marriage and death records for more than a billio


To search for last names, use an online resource such as AnyWho, FamilySearch and Surname Database. For more accurate and specific results, include other information such as first name and location.


There are places where individuals can do a free death certificate search, including at National Archives facilities. By visiting a National Archives facility, individuals have the ability to search subscription-based websites, such as Ancestry.com or Heritage Quest Online, at no charge.


Company name search tools are found on SEC.gov and DOBSearch.com, as of 2015. Both websites feature free search tools to find information about a company by entering a company name.


To perform a business name search, go to the website of the county or state governing body that handles new business licenses for the company's area, and enter the name in the search field. In many areas, this process is handled by the Secretary of State or Clerk-Recorder's office.


Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing who has searched for a person's name online. There are some websites that let the user know when someone has checked his profile, such as LinkedIn, but even they do not reveal any information regarding searches.