Death resolutions are used in place of a eulogy, but serve the same purpose. Death resolutions generally include a title, introduction, "Whereas" statement, "Therefore" statement and a conclusion. More » Holidays & Celebrations

The introduction of the church resolution states the close relationship that the deceased had to God. After, the "whereas statement" is written to explain the reason for the church resolution. The church resolutions are ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Funeral resolutions are documents that memorialize a deceased person by detailing their relationship to God, their family and community. A pastor or other clergy member reads the resolution during the funeral, and then o... More » Holidays & Celebrations
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A eulogy is intended to be more personal than an obituary, and summarizes what the deceased person meant to the speaker. Good eulogies offer vivid, specific memories and examples of the deceased person's best qualities. More » Holidays & Celebrations

When writing a death announcement, it should include the full name of the deceased, the deceased's age at the time of death, and the date and location of death. Details regarding any spouse and any family members such as... More » Holidays & Celebrations

A eulogy for a brother should include an introduction, personal memories, a discussion of the brother's interests and a conclusion. The eulogy should be brief, positive and conversational. More » Holidays & Celebrations

Appropriate and sensitive jokes, anecdotes that show the individual's virtues and values and sincere statements that speak from the heart all are appropriate for a mother's eulogy. The eulogy should comfort the living wh... More » Holidays & Celebrations