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Find death records online at sites such as DeathIndexes.com and DOBSearch.com. Both sites offer public record information on deaths in all U.S. states, including death certificates, burials, obituaries and cemetery records.


California death records from 1905 to present require payment of a fee to the California Department of Public Health. As of March 2015, the fee was $21 per death certificate. The records can be ordered by mail from the CDPH or county recorder offices.


Death records are accessible to the public, and searches for death records are available at DOBSearch.com. The results of this search, however, are not official, and the custodian of records for the appropriate county should verify the result.


There are several websites where one can search for death records online for free. The Vital Records portion of the National Archives website is a good place to begin. Another option is Family Search.


As of 2015, California death records are obtained by applying to the California Department of Public Health. Alternatively, death records are also obtained from the county recorder’s office where the death occurred.


Colorado death records are available through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Death records are available from the year 1900 to present, with older inquiries requiring research performed by the genealogy department. As of 2014, a death record search costs $17 in Colorado.


Death records are not public in the state of Arizona; it is a closed record state. To protect citizen confidentiality, Arizona law limits access to death records. With proper documentation, certain categories of people age 18 and over may obtain certified copies of death certificates.


There are a variety of databases and other resources online where searchers can view death information for the state of California. However, to obtain a physical copy of a death record, the requester must be a family member, law enforcement official or funeral director.


Obituaries can be found for free online at Legacy.com. To find a specific obituary on this site, you will need to provide the person's full name, approximate date of death, as well as the state in which the individual died. This site also features various celebrity obituaries.


The government's National Technical Information Service publishes the Social Security Administration's death index online. Several private companies have purchased access to the death index and provide access on their sites for free, including Ancestry.com, DeathIndexes.com and Family Search.