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A death notice is an important step in probating a will because it alerts unknown creditors of the probate process, states About.com. One of the important steps in probate is paying off all the final bills of the deceased.


When a person is within hours of death, bodily functions begin to shut down, with digestion, bladder and bowel activity ceasing; body temperature dropping; and breathing slowing, according to WebMD. The dying person may be unconscious or may slip in and out of unconsciousness.


While it is commonly believed that a bacterium carried by fleas caused the Black Death, also known as the Black Plague, more recent epidemiological research suggests that the cause was an airborne contagion spread by sneezes, coughs and touch. Originating in the Far East, the plague in Europe first


An autopsy is used to determine a cause of death and involves the examination of the body of a deceased person, reports MedicineNet. The abdomen, brain and chest are typically examined during the autopsy procedure, which is performed by a pathologist.


A death benefit is a lump sum or annuity paid out upon the death of a life insurance policy holder to the beneficiary of the policy, according to Fidelity. Death benefits are generally tax-free.


To search past death notices in Trinidad online, visit the death and funeral announcement sections of websites such as Guardian.co.tt and Belgroves.com, and then browse lists of the deceased. This process only works when searching for death notices of people whose deaths have been previously announc


A notice to owner is a statue of Florida law that requires a builder or contractor to inform the owner of a property of services the contractor is planning to perform, according to Builders Notice. The notice also informs the owner of the cost of the improvements to be made.


An effective notice of meeting gives the recipient all the information they need to prepare for the meeting in written form, similar to an invitation to an event. The notice of meeting may take the form of a memo, letter, email or in the case of a public notice, a poster.


The cause of death on a death certificate can be changed, states PBS. In fact, if the original cause of death is found to be incorrect, it is required by law that the death certificate be amended.


The standard U.S. death certificate includes information identifying the deceased, the date, time, and place of death, immediate and underlying causes, as well as the deceased's education, race and ethnicity.