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Nov 27, 2018 ... The deadliest animal is a horse (Image: iStockphoto) ... Scroll down for the full list of Australia's most dangerous animals. Most Read.


Jul 26, 2019 ... As far as ranking the most dangerous animal, sometimes it is ... we will try to answer in this list as we count down the deadliest animals ...


May 5, 2021 ... This list includes some animals with fearsome reputations – some are ... Latin name: Culicidae; Scary feature: Deadliest animal in the world ...


Dec 25, 2020 ... Top 10 deadliest animals in the world 10. Hippopotamus 9. Australian Box Jellyfish 8. Great White Shark 7. Grizzly Bear 6. Cape Buffalo 5.


Glad to see the Irukandji on the list. They are a really cool animal. Their stings inflict a 'feeling of impending doom' on a lot of people.


It comes as no surprise that these muscular big cats are some of the most dangerous animals in the world. You may be surprised at what you find on this list ...


Jul 4, 2019 ... Some people have lived that fantasy, keeping wild animals as ... Monkeys may not sound like the most dangerous animals in the world.


Aug 18, 2017 ... These tiny insects kill more than 700000 people every year and account for 17% of the estimated global burden of infectious diseases.


Jun 17, 2021 ... The not-for-profit World Mosquito Program and the American Mosquito Control Association say more than 1 million people die from mosquito-borne ...


Jan 17, 2019 ... 45 Most Dangerous Animals In The World · 1 Hippopotamus · 2 Cape Buffalo · 3 Golden Poison Dart Frog · 4 Box Jellyfish.


May 2, 2014 ... What would you say is the most dangerous animal on Earth? Sharks? Snakes? Humans? Of course the answer depends on how you define dangerous.