Any kind of dish soap can kill fleas. It works whether it is used as a flea trap or used directly in a dog or cat's bath. More »

Dawn dish soap kills fleas on dogs. The soap damages the exoskeletons of the fleas, killing them almost instantly. It is best to use the dish soap in place of pet shampoo as part of the dog's regular bath. More »

Dawn dishwashing soap has a number of uses in addition to cleaning dishes. These uses include personal grooming, pet grooming and yard maintenance. More »

It is possible to kill fleas using table salt. In order to kill fleas with regular table salt, a generous amount of salt should be sprinkled over any carpeted areas of the floor. More »

Baby oil does not kill fleas on cats, but it may slow the insects down, making them easier to comb out of the cat's fur. Baby oil is thought to smother flea eggs, but this has not been scientifically proven. More »

To remove fleas off a young kitten, fill a sink with warm water and carefully hold the kitten in the sink while washing it with a little bit of mild soap before brushing and rinsing the animal. Comb through the fur of th... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health

One of the most effective flea and tick remedies is simply a bath with normal soap and shampoo, which kills most fleas and washes away ticks that have not bitten yet. This should be followed up with a thorough grooming a... More »