The different types of databases include desktop, Web enabled and server. The type of database a person or company needs ultimately depends on size requirements. More »

There are three main types of database software used, including relational databases, NoSQL databases and in-memory databases, noted by Tech Target. The most commonly used of these are relational database management syst... More » Technology Computer Programming

An integrated software package is a program that contains many different applications. One example is Microsoft Works, which featured a software bundle that included a word processor, as well as spreadsheet and database ... More »

The different types of databases include operational databases, end-user databases, distributed databases, analytical databases, relational databases, hierarchical databases and database models. Databases are classified ... More »

The ".aspx" file type often contains instructions for a web-based server, and these file types are often used to create dynamic Web pages. They are designed for ASP.NET, a web-based framework developed by Microsoft. More » Technology Software

Data integrity testing refers to a manual or automated process used by database administrators to verify the accuracy, quality and functionality of data stored in databases or data warehouses. This test is regularly done... More »

Database management systems, or DBMSs are computer programs that facilitate the systematic management and creation of databases by allowing end users and other applications to freely interact with the database. The DBMS ... More » Technology Software