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Data recovery services attempt to restore information on a computer system that has been lost or corrupted. Specific methods used by these services to retrieve data will depend on how the data was lost.


As of 2015, some different data backup services are iDrive, CrashPlan, SOS Online Backup and Carbonite. iDrive offers a free version with 5 GB of online storage, and for $59.50 a year, the Personal Pro version offers one TB of storage for an unlimited number of devices. It allows users to set up the


Though available services may vary between companies, many data entry firms offer services such as digital transcription of written documents, the creation of PDFs for various files, data accuracy checks and the construction of custom databases. Some companies may also create mailing lists from comp


Data processing refers to the process of collecting and manipulating raw data to yield useful information. Data processing is also the conversion of raw data into machine-readable form and its subsequent processing by a computer. On BusinessDictionary.com, WebFinance gives a general definition of da


According to the BBC, data is transformed into information after being imported into a database or spreadsheet. Information is defined as a collection of facts or data, whereas data is defined as information organized for analysis or used to reason.


The presentation of data refers to how mathematicians and scientists summarize and present data related to scientific studies and research. In order to present their points, they use various techniques and tools to condense and summarize their findings. These tools include the use of tables, graphs


In the field of math, data presentation is the method by which people summarize, organize and communicate information using a variety of tools, such as diagrams, distribution charts, histograms and graphs. The methods used to present mathematical data vary widely. Common presentation modes including


Data protection is important because of increased usage of computers and computer systems in certain industries that deal with private information, such as finance and healthcare. Because people have rights to privacy in their personal medical and financial information, it is vital that administrato


A data center is a building that houses computer systems and related technologies in a centralized environment. Data centers usually contain backup power systems, redundant connections to the Internet and advanced security measures, all of which are designed to keep the computer systems functional a


Data is collected for a number of reasons including to ascertain certain issues, to improve service or product quality, to evaluate effectiveness of programs, to help in decision making, to help manage marketing costs and to help in planning. Collection of data can be done in a variety of ways inclu