Among the general public, Dr. Daniel Amen's work is popular. His books have been on The New York Times' best-seller lists, according to WebMD. In 2012, his clinics saw 1,200 patients per month, The Washington Post states... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Mental Health

Testing for ADD/ADHD and a number of other functional disorders is available through Amen Clinics. As of 2015, brain scans on 90,000 patients from at least 111 countries have been performed between six locations in Calif... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Mental Health

Fraud claims against Amen Clinics stem from accusations that their treatments are unsafe and not scientifically proven to establish adequate results. As explained on the clinic's website,, the facility use... More »

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Getting up and moving around, plus consuming small amounts of caffeine can help a person stay awake when she is tired at work, notes WebMD. Avoiding staring at a computer screen for too long also promotes wakefulness. More » Health Conditions & Diseases Mental Health