According to Statistic Brain, as of 2014, 83 percent of Americans have their earlobes pierced, but only 14 percent of Americans have a piercing somewhere other than the earlobe. Because 72 percent of those with any body ... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

The disadvantages to body piercings are social perceptions and possible health complications. The social perceptions of body piercings are dependent on the region or people involved, but they can potentially influence ge... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

Some of the reasons that people get body piercings are cultural customs, the desire to appear fashionable, the thrill associated with getting a piercing and the yearning to customize the body to fit someone's personality... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art
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According to the Piercing Pagoda, which provides professional piercing services, it typically takes four to six weeks for earlobes to heal after piercing. If the ear cartilage has been pierced, the healing time is eight ... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

Signs that a belly button piercing is being rejected by the body include prolonged irritation, the thinning of the skin that is holding the piercing in and the increase in discharge that is leaking from the piercing hole... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

An apprenticeship is a free way to learn how to do body piercing, although this requires that the person find a mentor willing to provide a free apprenticeship. Piercers are more likely to offer free apprenticeships to t... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing

A dermal or micro-dermal piercing is a piercing made into any flat area of the body, with an anchor placed under the skin that various decorative attachments can be put into. This type of piercing is done to replicate th... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Piercing