Making damiana tea involves steeping dried damiana leaves in boiling water and adding ingredients that will enhance its flavor. Although considered an aphrodisiac tea, damiana tea has other medicinal uses in folk medicin... More » Food Beverages Coffee & Tea

Orange pekoe black tea is not a flavor or type of tea, but rather a category in a system of grading cut, processed and dry black tea leaves. According to the orange pekoe tea leaf grading system, orange pekoe leaves are ... More » Food Beverages Coffee & Tea

When making tea, water temperature, amount of tea used and time brewed will all affect the flavor. The right variants will depend on the type of tea used. More » Food Beverages Coffee & Tea
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To prepare senna tea, rinse the leaves under cold, running water. Select and prepare freshly minced ginger or fresh peppermint leaves to enhance the taste of the prepared senna tea. Steep the senna leaves with your choic... More » Food Beverages Coffee & Tea

To make bay leaf tea, simmer bay leaves in water for up to 20 minutes before letting the mixture steep. Strain the leaves before drinking the tea, and sweeten it to taste. More » Food Beverages Coffee & Tea

Brew fresh mint tea by pouring boiling water over slightly crushed mint leaves and allowing the leaves to steep. To brew fresh mint tea, use any variety of mint including spearmint, peppermint or chocolate mint. More » Food Beverages Coffee & Tea

According to, required ingredients for a turmeric ginger tea are 1 cup of water, 1/4 teaspoon of ground turmeric, 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger, a splash of nut or soy milk and raw honey to taste. A sli... More » Food Beverages Coffee & Tea