As of 2015, Uber is available in Dallas, Texas. It services the metroplex from Uptown, Fort Worth, Plano, Denton and all other areas in between. More » Geography

The TNT show "Dallas" was a continuation of the popular 1980s series about a family of oil tycoons, with the central drama revolving around the rivalry between J.R. Ewing and his brother, Bobby. The main characters in th... More » Art & Literature

The home page of the Dallas/Fort Worth Craigslist shows a long list of job categories in alphabetical order, from accounting to writing. Categories are broad. Within each category, job advertisements are posted with the ... More » Business & Finance Careers Job Search

Uber rates are determined using a base fare, which is added to a cost per minute or cost per mile. A safe rides fee is also applied to the cost. Prices vary depending on the city in which the service is used, as well as ... More » Geography

Mexican passports are issued by the Mexican consulate at 1210 River Bend Drive in Dallas, Texas. Paperwork proving Mexican citizenship is required to receive a passport from the consulate. More »

As of 2015, the Uber car service is available in Boston, Massachusetts, and can connect drivers with riders in the region through its mobile application. Uber's service in Boston extends over the Greater Boston area and ... More » Geography

As of 2015, Uber offers several flat rates for trips within Los Angeles with its UberBlack and UberSUV services. For example, customers can pay a flat rate to get from Los Angeles International Airport to Santa Monica or... More » Geography