Dairy cows can be purchased in person at cattle stock auctions or through classified advertisements. Classified ads may be available in local print publications, especially those in rural areas with a large number of dai... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Mastitis in dairy cows is caused by bacteria, commonly Streptococcus, Staphyloccocus, and coliform species, according to the Merck Veterinary Manual. Contaminated milking equipment and unwashed hands spread the bacteria ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Barnyard Mammals

Holstein dairy cows are available online at, and lists classified ads from Holstein sellers throughout the United States. Each ad has a description and a... More » Pets & Animals Pets Veterinary Health
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To raise black Angus cattle on a small farm, plan to have 2 acres of grazing land available per cow, or plan to give the cows extra feed, including hay and commercial feed, if they're grazing in a smaller area. Fence the... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

In online livestock auctions, buyers bid on stock shipped either from the stockyard or directly from the producer. Online auctioneers provide live video feed of the stock up for bid over the Internet or satellite TV. Onl... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

The two major contributing factors in the price of cattle are the number of cattle available for sale and the costs of feed that producers have to offset. Reductions in cattle herd numbers have a variety of causes, with ... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Mini Jersey, mini Angus, mini Texas Longhorn, Mini Highland and Dexter are miniature cattle breeds that frequently appear on lists of the best mini cattle for sale. Respectable and ethical breeders can be located through... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture