The family life of a Cherokee Indian tribe consists of many generations within the same household, or the extreme opposite of children living with one parent or grandparents, according to PBS. Only 53 percent of American... More »

Dream catchers made by members of the Cherokee tribe feature an elaborate design of interlocking circles and are often as wide as 6 to 12 inches across. The hand-crafted pieces are frequently adorned with beads and feath... More »

Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, but moved to Pine Level at the age of 2 when the family moved in with her grandparents. She had one brother, Sylvester, and her parents separated when she was very young. More »

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The Chickasaw Indian tribe lived in the lower Mississippi Valley, and the tribe's first contact with Europeans happened in 1540. The Chickasaw were known for their highly developed ruling system. The tribe members were s... More » History Modern History US History

The Hupa Indian tribe comes from California; the tribe considers itself one of California's oldest populations, settling long before American pioneers and trappers arrived in Southern California in 1828. The Hupa Indians... More »