Daily devotional readings are short segments of spiritual texts that change each day and are meant for the reader to contemplate or focus on a specific theme or question from the text for that day. Daily devotionals are ... More »

"T.D. Jakes Devotional and Journal" is the title of the daily devotional by Bishop T.D. Jakes. This book features the minister's spiritual writings and journal space for the reader to record her responses. More »

As of 2015, Joel Osteen's daily devotionals are available by creating an account at Joel and his wife, Victoria, send daily words of encouragement, devotion and inspiration by email to individuals who reg... More »

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Daily Scripture readings are available online at The Daily Bible Verse. On this site, users can sign up to have verses emailed, read out loud, or sent through various social media venues. It is also possible to bookmark ... More »

A book's theme is an idea that appears multiple times throughout that book, designed to ask the reader a question that is deep and sometimes deals with questions of right and wrong. Themes emerge as readers make their wa... More »

The Geneva Bible was completed in 1560 as the first completely English version translated directly from the original Hebrew and Greek texts. Previous English translations, such as the one by William Tyndale, were based o... More »

The "Life Application Study Bible" includes hundreds of short texts that attempt to connect biblical stories to the lives of modern-day readers, providing a current context for the ancient words. As of 2015, the book is ... More »