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Some buses that take daily trips to Atlantic City, New Jersey include Greyhound Lucky Streak and Academy Bus Lines. Other companies that offer service to Atlantic City are King Coal Tours, Leprechaun Lines and Superior Tours. Passengers should check with the individual ...


Look at budget bus companies like Megabus, Boltbus, or Peter Pan Bus when seeking cheap bus fares. According to WanderU, traveling at off-peak times can lower your bus fare; WanderU.com is an integrated bus search engine that aggregates competitor's prices for you.


"Road Sign ABC" is one game to play on a bus trip. The game is played by finding the letters of the alphabet on road signs. Only one letter can be used per sign, and the game ends when the first person finds all 26 letters.


Greyhound has a station at the Atlantic City Bus Terminal on Atlantic Avenue, and the city is also served by Megabus and several other commercial carriers. A number of casinos also have shuttle buses that run to and from New York.


Some good bus companies that travel to New York City and can be used for day trips include MegaBus, Bolt Bus, Tripper Bus and Washington Deluxe, notes The Washington, Post. These bus companies travel routes between Washington D.C. and New York City. BoltBus and MegaBus ...


Diamond Tours bus trips fall into a number of regional and thematic categories, with Western bus tours including trips to Mount Rushmore and San Antonio, and Gaming bus tours taking place in Atlantic City, New York City and Philadelphia, among other destinations. The ot...


Green Tortoise Adventure Travel, Trek America and Coach Tours offer bus tours that tour the United States. Green Tortoise features northern and southern round-trips, whereas Trek America offers East Coast, Deep South, West Coast and northern tours. Coach Tours provides ...