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Daffodil plants and bulbs are extremely cold hardy to USDA climate zones of 3 -9, and once planted, the daffodil bulb increases in size by dividing into bulblet separation from the mother bulb, and eventually, large clumps form. After growing for 3 years, a clump may contain 25 daffodil bulbs or more.


Longfield Gardens offers narcissus bulbs, daffodil bulbs and jonquils for sale. These early spring flowers will grow in sun or shade and are reliable perennials that are good for naturalizing.


Add some bulb fertilizer to each hole and make sure the bulb’s pointy end is facing upward. Fertilize again in the spring once the bulbs have flowered. Being a timeless favorite, hardy, and easy to grow, the daffodil will survive occasional cold nights and morning frost.


Steps for Planting Daffodil Bulbs. Be sure to plant the daffodil bulbs with the pointy end up and the fatter, somewhat flattened end down. Plant your daffodils twice as deep as the bulb is tall. In other words, if a bulb is 2 inches (5 cm.) from the base to the tip, you would dig a 6-inch (15 cm.) deep hole to put the bulb 4 inches (10 cm ...


Daffodil bulbs are extremely hardy bulbs that survive winters in the ground in all but the most punishing winters and hot summers. If you live north of USDA plant hardiness zone 3 or south of zone 7, it’s a good idea to store your daffodil bulbs during the off-season, a process also known as “curing.”


The brilliant color of this groundbreaking daffodil so dazzled the world when it was first introduced that three bulbs sold for £100 – the equivalent today of over $12,000. Its petals are notoriously unruly, but as William Arnold wrote in 1921, “though a somewhat loosely put together flower, [it] is nevertheless very handsome.”


Daffodil bulbs should be planted so that their pointed tops are about 4” - 7”, or about three times the size of the bulb, below the surface of the soil; allow 4 - 5 bulbs per square foot when planting outdoors.


Daffodil is a plant. The bulb, leaf, and flower are used to make medicine. Despite serious safety concerns, people take daffodil for whooping cough, colds, and asthma.


Daffodils are a sure sign of Spring, but sadly, their bloom time is so brief. The good news is that a resurrection in the next season is quite possible. Many home gardeners leave their bulbs in the ground year around, but others prefer to...


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