The first DNA testing method was invented in 1984 by Sir Alec Jeffreys, a British geneticist. Jeffreys used X-ray film to analyze differences between the DNA of several individuals. Jeffreys also developed the first DNA ... More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA

Indentigene is a brand of DNA tests that work by amplifying or copying the DNA, according to the company website. Identigene sells DNA tests for the purpose of establishing paternity. More » Health Diagnostics & Imaging

23andMe administers affordable DNA tests. Customers can order the test online and complete the entire process remotely by sending saliva samples, according to 23andMe. As of December 2015, 23andMe charges $99 for a DNA t... More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA
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Family DNA testing requires swabbing the inside of the cheek, containing the sample in a test tube and mailing it to Family DNA for DNA testing. Testing kits can be ordered from the Family Tree DNA website, as well as at... More » Family Genealogy

According to the American Indian and Alaska Native Genetics Research Center of the National Congress of American Indians, DNA testing reveals the genetic similarities between people. This allows a DNA test to be used to ... More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA

Ancestry DNA takes a small sample of saliva and uses autosomal testing to find both paternal and maternal ancestors. Most genetic testing focuses on the Y-chromosomes, which are male genetic markers, or on the mitochondr... More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA

DNA testing cannot prove that people are Native American. There are no unique genes for tribes or Native Americans as a whole. There are some genetic markers that are found mostly only in Native Americans and Alaska Nati... More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA